USG Portable Veterinary A6V Sonoscape

USG Portable Veterinary A6V Sonoscape

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Supported by numerous digital technologies, SonoScape introduces the A6V as an easy-to-use, portable B/W ultrasound system for veterinary applications.The A6V is lightweight (6kg in weight with optional mobile trolley) but versatile, which creates a comfortable working environment for veterinarians. The great B/W ultrasound image, quality abundant veterinary software packages and professional vet transducers make A6V a welcomed vet ultrasound.

As an ultra-compact HCU, the A6V combines the essential features of easy-to-use and high image quality, not only to make the ultrasound diagnosis more reliable and efficient but also to maximize the veterinarians's confidence and comfort during diagnosis.

-Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)

THI significantly improves the image contrast and resolution.

-Five Variable Frequencies

This technology minimizes the inconvenience of frequently changing probes by working with broad band probes.

-Specialized Veterinary Design

Anti-dust, anti-glare, three-meter transducer cable

-Specialized Veterinary Transducer

Anti-corrosion cable surface, three meters transducer cable length, 12MHz Linear probe and 6.5Mhz micro-convex transducer


Supports 3-hours of continuous scanning

Dilengkapi probe convex

Satuan: unit

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