Photometer BS3000P Sinnowa

Photometer BS3000P Sinnowa

  • Rp 15.500.000,00
  • Save Rp 1.500.000

Photometer/Semi Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

for Clinical Diagnostic

- End Point, Kinetic, Fixed Time, and Absorbance

- 7 Liter (340-620) + free position

- Integrated Pump and Flow

- Easy To Use, reliable, and trouble free operation

- Economic Price

- More than 200 programable test method

- Linear and non linear calibration


-Light Source: Halogen Lamp 6V, 10W

-Wavelenght range: 300-800nm, automatic by 9 position filter wheel 7 standard filter: 340,405,492,510,546,578,620nm,2 free position for optional filters

-Photometric range: 0.0000 to 3.0000 ABS

-Flowcell: 32microLiter, micro flowcell with 10mm light path,interchangeable with standart cuvette (macro or semi micro, disposable optical glass)

-Reading Time: 1-300sec

-Incubation Time: 1-600sec

-Analysis method: end point with sample blank and with/without reagent blank

Kinetic with/without linearity check

Fixed Time



-Temperature control: Peltier element, 37C

-Parameter setting: Method, Wavelength, reagent black y/n, sample blank y/n, delay time, measuring time, reaction type, absorbance limit, aspiration volume, linearity check

-Display: 64x114cm, big back illuminated display

-Dimensions: 34x40x17cm

-Weight: 8.5 kg

-Printer: Built in thermal printer

-Serial Output: RS 232 standard

-Data Input : Film Keyboard

-Operating environment: 15-30C

-Power requirement: AC 220v, 50Hz, AC110, 50Hz

-Power Consumption: 100VA

-Humidity: 30-95r/>-BS-3000P digunakan di Laboratorium Klinik,Rumah Sakit,Poliklinik,Puskesmas,Praktek Dokter, dll.

-Banyak digunakan untuk pemeriksaan kimia klinik secara cepat antara lain: Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, LDL, Triglycerida, Asam Urat, Creatinin, Glucose, SGOT,SGPT,Albumin, Gamma GT, Bun, ALP, Total Protein, juga bisa digunakan untuk HB Ibu Hamil

Satuan: unit

NOMOR IZIN EDAR: AKL 10102013826

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