Oxygen Concentractor ONEMED

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Oxygen Concentrator type 8F-3AW 3L merk OneMed, alat pengubah udara di sekitar menjadi oksigen yang siap hirup, dilengkapi roda. Dilengkapi dengan botol humidifier, selang oksigen, nasal canula, jet nebulizer, dan filter udara.

- Complete plastic outer shell, safe and reliable
- Timing accumulates function, show total working hours through the display screen
- Timing turns off function using convenience
- Compressor pressure relief valve help the device safer
- Power interruption alarm function
- Device failure alarm function (including pressure/cycle
failure, compressor failure, low oxygen concentration)
- Compressor with over heat protect function to gain in
safety of the compressor and the concentrator.
- *Nebulizing function
- Remote control function
- Flow range: 0-5L/min
- Oxygen concertation 95.5%~87%
- Maximum Outlet Pressure:40~70kPa
- Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at 250kPa +/-25 kPa
- Altitude up to 1828 meters above safe level without degradation of concentration levels. From 1828 m to 4000m below 90% efficiency
- Sound level front side : 48dB(A), whole unit: 52dB(A)
- Power suplly: AC220V +/- 10%, 50 Hz/ 2.2 amps (AC220V)
- Input Power 400vA
- Weight 15.5 kg
- Dimensions: 39x24.5x50 cm
- Minimum operating time: 30 minutes
- Electric classification II class BF type
- Work system: work continuously
- Keep it far from flammable and explosive gas area
- Normal Working Condition
- Temperature range 10-40C
- Relative humidity 30-75%
- Atmosphere pressure 860-1060hPa

Satuan: unit
Nomor Izin Edar : AKL 20403012631
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